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Defensive Tactics Against an Armed and Skilled Opponent

                           Disclaimer / Hold Harmless

The purpose of this instructional block is to familiarize an officer / operator to the nature and stresses of extreme close quarter battle with an armed and skilled opponent.The operator will be educated on strategies, movements and leverage based techniques which may provide a tactical advantage.These are techniques that have proven successful in the past and during our research, however, they are not intended as a substitute for local, state and federal tactics, policies and procedures as set by departments and defined by law.

TNT, High Desert Training and their agents and instructors; are no way making or suggesting a specific technique or protocol for a specific law enforcement or military situation.

Utilization of DTAASO (Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Ect..) and the associated techniques is inherently hazardous and must be performed as legally justified on a case by case basis, within Fed, State and Local Laws and in accordance with policies and procedure developed and adopted by specific government agencies, DOD and Police Departments.

The agents and instructors of TNT and High Desert Training are in no way involved in determining what situation(s) create or determine a disparity of force or justification for the use of lethal force or how a given situation fits within the continuum of force adopted and defined by Departments or Governments.

All of the training presented in DTAASO assumes an armed and skilled opponent (Obvious Disparity of Force) who has already expended all other force continuum alternates and rapid lethal force is absolutely required and justified by the actions or omissions of the opponent to increase officer / operator survival.

Defensive Tactics Against an Armed and Skilled Opponent