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Defensive Tactics Against an Armed and Skilled Opponent

Defensive Tactics Against an Armed and Skilled Opponent

Dr. Brown "Skip" Harris

Instructor and Course Developer

Owner High Desert Training

Maxillofacial Surgeon

After 15 years of professional Military and Law enforcement training experience, Skip joined with the team at TNT as a Firearms trainer, Weapons Expert and Close Quarter Battle subject matter expert to develop an new program that combined his understanding of modern firearms technique and simunitions training techniques with the very latest Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu - Jitsu.

Skip holds Advanced and Instructor ratings in Handgun, Tactical Rifle, Precision Rifle, Shotgun, CQB, Shoot House Instructor, Simunitions Instructor, Ballistic, Mechanical, Thermal and Explosive Breaching Instructor.  He currently holds all of the NRA instructor certifications.  Skip is the owner of High Desert Training and maintains a 140 acre training facility with a 340 yard range, shooting tower, 50 yard 270 Degree range, 2500 sq. ft shoot house and Land Nav. and Obstacle courses.