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Defensive Tactics Against an Armed and Skilled Opponent

Defensive Tactics Against an Armed and Skilled Opponent

DTAASO Course Prerequisites

Prior DTASO or Formal Defensive Tactics Training Equivalent.

Working Understanding of Terms:

Clinch / Pummeling

Take Down
 Break fall
Stand and Base
Side Control
Rear Naked Choke
Arm Bar
Leg Triangle

Prior Formal Military or LEO Handgun Training or the equivalent qualification.
Physically, Mentally and Emotionally fit enough to engage in full contact advanced mixed martial arts training over 6-8 hours.
Willingness to wear Simunitions head gear during exercises.
Willingness to undergo full contact weapons retention training with weapons that have metal parts and trigger guards.  Participants must recognize and adjust the action and intensity of training to avoid fingers being trapped in guards and injured.
Willingness to receive minor cuts / bruises/ abrasions/ and multiple close contact simunitions impacts, all of which may draw blood or leave scars (see woodpecker kisses).
Ballistic Rated Eye Protection or Impact and “punch rated” prescription glasses.

Contacts are allowed, but users should use appropriate precautions and eye protection is still required.

Loose fitting long sleeves and pants that may become torn, especially belt loops.
Body armor as issued or desired, Groin Protection / Cup
Appropriate foot wear (light full coverage exercise style, No boots or open toes)
Light Gloves (optional, but recommended)
If using our Glock 17 or M and P 9mm, an appropriate Holster Belt is required.
If using your duty equipment, dress accordingly.  Be Advised, this training is very hard on belt loops, holsters and clothing in general.  We will not be responsible or sad. 
Complete Course Registration Packet and Paid Course Fee
200 Rounds of 9mm Non-Marking Simunitions rounds.